Zero Waste Organic Fruits Shop At Taman Equine!

Fruits provide us adequate vitamin and minerals in our daily intake. We can get fresh fruits with affordable price at Healthy Fruit and Beverages Organic Healthy Shop at Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan. 

At first, mouse mommy did not spot the shop, as in it is a small shop. But, once I stepped in, many “treasures” found inside the fruit shop! Many fresh, big and good quality fruits can be found here such as pineapple, pear, prum, ‘ciku’, banana, orange, mango, cherry and so on. Seasonal fruits can be buy from here too such as Buddha hand fruit and mandarin oranges. The lady boss Ms Chaw get us some tips that the Buddha hand fruit can act as plant too. 

Besides fresh fruits, Healthy Fruit & Beverages Organic Healthy Shop also Selling fresh fruit juice in affordable price in range RM5 to RM10. Many healthy fruit juice combination recipe all around the shop to let us choose the fruit drinks that we want! 

Mouse mommy was having some sore throat and ordered a Sore Throat Fruit Juice which is consists of pineapple, celery and honey. It can helps in release the body heat and sore throat, especially in this hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Mouse mommy feels better after having this drink. 

MR loves orange juice so much. The orange juice that MR ordered was pretty good in size and taste, unlike the one we ordered at outside which is too liquid and tasteless. A good Vitamin C booster for children! 

If you have high blood pressure and blood circulation problem, can ordered this Blood Circulation Fruit Drink (RM5) that consist of carrot, banana and green apple that good for blood circulation.

Ops! Mouse mommy spotted many big glass tanks in the shop! What is that? It is Fruit Enzymes(*1) and fruit garbage enzymes(*2). So thoughtful of the lady boss to recycle all the cut fruits, skin and unused fruits. Save food cut waste concept and make it in zero waste fruit shop. Awesome!

The main functions of drinkable fruit based probiotic enzyme (fruit enzyme) is able to maintain a high alkaline blood ph. Improve the immune system. Improve the digestive system and relieve constipation. An antioxidant that protects body cells from oxidation by neutralising free radicals. Lower cholesterol level. (*1) 

A special recipe in the shop is to add fruit enzyme into the fruit drinks. Mouse mommy loves it so much as in the taste of the fruit drink has change and it taste so exotic! It is highly recommended by mouse mommy. 

Pomegranate juice (RM10) also comes with function of detox, anti-oxidants and memory improvement. Mouse mommy was customize my drink by add in fruit enzyme and pearl. It was really nice drink that I cannot resist to it! Mouse mommy has just finished few fresh fruit drinks and adequate Vitamin C booster for the day! 

Bulb fruit juice can found here too. We can ordered our fruit juice and put into the bulb with additional RM2. Mouse mommy was having Anti Cancer Fruit Drink (RM7.50) that consist of beet root, carrot and apple which contain an amino acid betaine which has anti-cancer properties. More recipes and photos can click here to view.

Mouse mommy and MR also have our breakfast here with Italian Panini with Tuna Filling. The display of the Italian Panini was simple, but, it taste nice with melted cheese with Tuna fillings. Yummy!

Thanks to Kiple Influencers Program (KIP) for arranging this healthy food review at Healthy Fruit and Beverages Organic Healthy Shop. Do download the Kiple app on your mobile to save money when you pay. Mouse mommy and MR have a ‘fruitful’ and recharge day with multiple fruits booster! Feeling refreshing!

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Fruit enzyme *1.
Garbage enzymes *2

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