3 Things That I Love The Most In Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year (CNY) is also known as Spring Festival that kick start a new year with hope, love and good luck! Mouse mommy was busy preparing necessary items for Chinese New Year celebration with family. New year, new clothes, mandarin oranges, reunion dinner, ang pau, visiting family and relatives, vacation and so on. 

Not easy task and quite headache. Mouse mommy got to plan, prepare and buy all the items in order do not missed out anyone in the list. 

There are three things that I loved the most in Chinese New Year - Family reunion and gathering, Ang Pau Packets and Yee Sang.

Mouse mommy and siblings are working in different country, CNY becomes a medium to allow all of us gather together as in everyone was busy with work, study and family during normal working days. We are really treasure the family reunion and gathering moments. Haha! Of course mom and me will prepare a superb yummy dinner for the whole family. 

We can chit-chat and sharing some interesting stories among ourselves. Especially my mom, will give us some parenting tips to taking care our children. Thanks mummy that always care for us!

Eye-catching ang pau packets always attract mouse mommy attention. This year, Maxis Huat AR app with augmented reality Huat Lion Dance was really WOW me with its smooth, cheeky and live lion dance with multiple features such as feed mandarin oranges, play fire crackers, dance and so on. 

Besides that, GSK Panadol ang pau packets were really touch me deep into my heart. That is a series set of ang pau packets that consists of 8 different days and meaning in CNY. The first ang pau packet was represent reunion dinner and family gathering. 

The second ang pau packet was Chor 1 to welcome CNY; third ang pau was Chor 2 brings good luck; forth ang pau was prosperity; fifth ang pau was wish family stay safe and healthy; sixth ang pau was longevity; seventh ang pau was all wishes come true and eighth ang pau was wish in good relationship and marriage. So sweet and touching! Remind mouse mommy the importance and values of CNY! Family First!

Yee Sang is a Must Eat foodie during CNY. It is a Malaysian Chinese culture and it represents "wang wang" and prosperity all the year of Dog! 

Many different colours and ingredients available in the yee sang such as ginger, abalone, pear slice, carrot slice, chinese celery, sesame, peanut, lime sauce and so on. "Lou Sang" in CNY brings us good luck, prosperity, healthy, wealthy and great fortune along the year! Huat! 

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