Ops! Live Tuna Cutting Cum Healthy Goodness Sushi Tei NEW Poke Bowls For Healthy Lifestyle!

Sushi Tei was introduce new poke bowl menu. Staying true to the origins of this healthy dish, Sushi Tei’s poke bowls include fresh raw fish and vegetables and power packed seeds and nuts, sitting atop healthy premium Japanese Akita brown rice.

A live Tuna Fish cutting ceremony was happening at Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. A 40kg weight of Tuna fish direct imported freshly from Japan. Mouse mommy is a Japanese food lover and so exciting to witness this event. 

Besides this, Sushi Tei also take this opportunity to welcome coming Chinese New Year will all the medias and shoppers together with fresh and juicy tuna chunks "Lou Sang" together! May everyone have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year ahead! 

Mommy, when are we going to start "lou sang"? Be patience ya till all are ready, my boy MR. 

Fresh chunky tuna takes center stage in the Maguro Poke Bowl (RM23.80) which is complemented with nutritious chia and melon seeds, gluten free and nutrient-rich almonds, crab stick, mixed vegetables and Akita brown rice.

Featuring thick cubes of salmon which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, the Salmon Poke Bowl (RM21.80) includes chia and melon seeds, almonds, nutritious black beansand mixed vegetables on top of Akita brown rice. 

Fresh tiger prawns are the star of the Ebi Poke Bowl (RM27.80)which comes with chia and Vitamin E packed sunflower seeds, almonds, shredded omelette and mixed vegetables with Akita brown rice. 

Bringing a different take to the original Hawaiian raw fish dish, Sushi Tei offers meat lovers the Chicken Teri Poke Bowl (RM18.80) that comes with grilled chicken served on Akita brown rice complete with power packed chia and sunflower seeds, almond and mixed vegetables. 

The poke bowls come with a choice of three sauces – the Japanese styled wafuu onion sauce, wasabina sauce and apple sauce –each crafted to complement the freshness of the ingredients and gives the poke bowls an appetizing twist.

For calorie counters, note that all four poke bowl options provide a delicious and nutritious meal in a bowl that is sure to keep you going for the rest of the day for less than 500 kcal per serving.

Another healthy addition to Sushi Tei’s menuare the vegetarian items, so you can tuck into freshly prepared maki sushi like the Avocado Yasai Roll (RM13.80)and Inari Yasai Roll (RM13.80) made from beancurd skin. 

“Sushi Tei believes in serving fresh and healthy food to our customers, a commitment that is reflected in our new menu. Whether it is a low-calorie poke bowl bursting with goodness or the vegetarian options. Fresh ingredients are paramount to Japanese cuisine and we do not compromise on food safety,“ said Cameron Cheah, Managing Director of ST-Taikem, the company behind the Sushi Tei brand in Malaysia.

“Since its debut in Malaysia in 2009, Sushi Tei has become a popular choice for Malaysians who want to enjoy fresh, delicious yet affordable Japanese cuisine. The restaurant combines the conveyer belt sushi concept with alacarte options and private dining rooms for customers to enjoy the best of both worlds,” added Cheah.

Those wanting a heartier meal can choose from a variety of main dishes such as the comforting Namako Yasai (RM21.80) noodle dish. This kitanomiso-based soup is served with a choice of udon, soba or ramen and topped with vegetarian sea cucumber, button mushrooms, pumpkin and Japanese sweet potato.

Other mains in the new vegetarian menu include Kinoko Chahan (RM16.80) mixed mushroom fried rice and Nasu To Zulgini Pasta (RM17.80) where pasta is pan-fried and topped with brinjal, zucchini and a half boiled egg.

The vegetarian menu also serves up great side dishes such as Homemade Potato Gyoza (RM9.80); Satsuma Imo To Kabocha Salad (RM7.80) which is made from Japanese sweet potato with pumpkin, that is high in antioxidants and dietary fibre; Okura Natto To Yamaimo Senggiri (RM6.80) a dish of Japanese yam with lady finger slices, seaweed, soy bean to be mixed in with a half boiled quail egg.

Alternatively you can snack on crunchy deep fried lotus roots when you order Renkon Agedashi (RM6.80) or on Sweet Potato, Edamame and Pumpkin croquettes (RM8.80-RM9.80). Mouse mommy, MR and sunshine Kelly were enjoying our dining at Sushi Tei. 

The new Sushi Tei poke bowl and vegetarian items are now available at all Sushi Tei restaurants in the Klang Valley, Penang and Ipoh. MR was enjoying his meal too!

Wish you have a Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! More exciting photos can click here to view

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