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Chinese New Year (CNY) is just two weeks away from Now. Every year of CNY, mouse mommy was the one prepare yee sang dishes for both my family and in laws family reunion dinner. 

Tossing Yee Sang was an important for Malaysian Chinese as in it brings good luck, great fortune, healthy and wealthy along the year. “Lou Sang” is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor for everyone along the year of 2018. 

Each of the colour and ingredients of yee sang also represent different meaning such as yellow ginger slice represent wealthy. The shredded carrot adds vibrancy to the dish and indicates blessings of good luck. The pomelo symbolises luck and smooth sailing in our daily lives and so on. 

Mouse mommy loves to shop smart and wisely as in CNY need to spend a lot for food, drinks, clothes, shoes and ang pau for the entire family members. Happy that found 11street that allows mouse mommy to shop via online from fresh food to dry products. It helps mouse mommy to save time and cost! 

Every year mouse mommy makes different combination of yee sang for family as a “surprise”. Haha! This year I found a great deals of Abalone Yee Sang at 11street that 2 sets of 1 canned 100% wild caught ocean pacific abalones plus yee sang. Each can contains up to 20 to 25 pieces of ready-to-eat abalone with MSG and preservative free. Each abalone yee sang set can served for 10 pax. Free shipping and lowest deal guarantee.  

Cool! This is really a shocking deal of RM168 for 2 sets abalone yee sang as in mouse mommy saw another deal with 2 cans of oceanus wild caught Australia canned abalone already cost about RM156.

We also love to have steamboat at home during CNY. Mouse mommy found this highly recommended by buyers – Haidilao Soup Based steamboat pack that cost about RM11 and we can have our steamboat with the fresh vegetables and meats as we want. Found an interesting post too. Korean Budae-jjigae steamboat was offers steamboat ingredients and directly FREE the steamboat pot together. Sounds interesting! 

All the fresh ingredients can directly shop via 11street too! Mouse mommy was no need to stop by morning market or shopping centre. Awesome! 

Mouse mommy was shop the Haidilao soup based steamboat pack with ingredients of chicken fillet, fish ball, tomato, cabbage, chili sauce, CB premium abalone slice, mushroom, tomato sauce, onion, coriander and oyster sauce for our steamboat.

A delicious and happy reunion dinner with family would be great bonding moments to be remembered. We love to eat, chit chats and gathering together in CNY as in normal working was hard to gather all together.  

Family always comes first in our life! May you and your family have a prosperous and good quality bonding moments in this Chinese New Year! Cheers! “Yum Sheng”! 

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