The Sphere | Bangsar South : AEON Opens MaxValu Prime And Wellness Outlets

Set to bring convenience to the Bangsar South community and its high-density workforce, AEON CO. (M) BHD. today opens its third MaxValu Prime outlet together with its 54th Wellness pharmacy outlet at The Sphere. MaxValu Prime endeavours to redefine the shopping experience of consumers in Bangsar South by creating heightened shopping and dining ambience with its extensive range of locally and globally sourced fresh, tasty and quality products while AEON Wellness pharmacy aims to provide the customers  with an extensive range of health, beauty and personal wellbeing products.

The conceptualisation of MaxValu Prime and Wellness is anchored upon AEON’s promise to provide all customers with an array of products, food and beverage corners, at the same time, personify convenience at its best.

Poh Ying Loo, Executive Director of AEON CO. (M) BHD. said: “MaxValu Prime in Bangsar South represents our third outlet conceptualised with all our shoppers’ needs in mind. We are set to cater to the Bangsar South community, namely those who are working or living in the vicinity, to become their neighbourhood retailer of choice.” 

Good news and convenience for the community and office workers! The rise of Bangsar South into a high-density area surrounded by offices, raised values around its vicinity, adding easy access to urban amenities, inclusive of convenient commuting options. Poh elaborated: “Conscious of the growing population and working urbanites in Bangsar South, we see this in positive light as we are ready to serve the community by providing all offerings under one roof, thus creating heightened accessibility for consumers. 

With the boom in the development of residences and office towers in Bangsar South, we hope MaxValu Prime and Wellness will enhance the needs of surrounding community as well as the working urbanites and provide them with a shopping and dining moment that they will enjoy and appreciate.”

Mouse mommy was thought of just a MaxValu shopping, but, I am wrong. It is a combination of shopping, pharmacy, bakery and food kiosk inside with brand new layout design and shopping experience. Love it! Especially the real plant welcomes me in front of the MaxValu Prime store.

Many food tasting available for shoppers to directly sample taste and shop too! Mouse mommy loves the mushroom. 

Ops! Tada-san said no need to wash the mushroom. Just cut the mushroom base and cook directly will do as in it is clean and to avoid loss of nutrients via washing process.

MaxValu Prime’s key differentiator lies in its commitment to present shoppers with an unparalleled shopping and dining experience, through fresh ingredients and delicious meal options. Another lunch option for mouse mommy, can lunch and shop at the same time.

A unique element of MaxValu Prime in Bangsar South is its food and beverage selection, in the form of Delicatessen and four new concepts – the ‘We Cook You Eat’ cooking station, ‘Ready-to-Cook’, ‘Meals On The Go’ and ‘Convenient Hot Meals’.

Delicatessen – a one-stop deli boasts a section selling ready-to-eat light bites and easy preparation meals such as cooked meats, hot snacks, sandwiches, salads and other similar items. This concept caters to the working crowd who wishes to grab their meals on-the-go or dine in.

Also available is a ‘We Cook You Eat’ cooking station, whereby consumers have the option to pick fresh food items with a corresponding sticker, make payment, proceed to the cooking station, choose a preferred cooking style, and wait 15 minutes for a freshly-cooked meal. Consumers need to pay RM6 (including GST) for the ‘We Cook You Eat’ service.

MaxValu Prime will also be introducing the ‘Ready-to-Cook’ concept to bring out the inner chef in everyone. There are several pre-packed assortments to choose from such as Acar Vegetables, Ayam Masak Sambal, Mixed Curry Vegetables, Kangkung with Belacan, Pucuk Paku with Belacan and many more that they can cook at home.

Last but not least, ‘Meals on the Go’ and ‘Convenient Hot Meals’ caters for those working urbanites that prefer to opt for a quick and yet delicious meal.

The first MaxValu Prime is located at Sunway Velocity, while the second outlet opened on 19 January 2018 at Evo Bangi, which has similar offerings with the one at Bangsar South. The opening of MaxValu Prime Bangsar South marks the third MaxValu Prime outlet operated by AEON CO. (M) BHD., with plans to expand the brand to other areas in the near future.

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