Spotted New 100 Yen Store | TOKUYA | Arcoris Plaza | Mont Kiara

Ohayou gozaimasu(おはようございます), mouse mommy found a new 100 yen concept Japanese store named TOKUYA at Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara. It is a new plaza and it is our first time visiting here with MR. 

TOKUYA is form with ‘Purposeful Unique’ that represent the brand lifts the spirits of people where it seeks to bring people through a unique user journey through Japan whether in modern or old. ‘Purposeful’ in the placement of its product to inspire people to make bold decision.

TOKUYA was located at the LG1 area, we saw Starbucks at Arcoris Plaza, and directly walk straight till we saw the escalator. After we take the escalator down and mouse mommy spotted TOKUYA was on the right side. 

Mouse mommy was feeling warm and welcoming once step in TOKUYA. There is a wide range of affordable yet high quality Japanese products from personal care to household. Mouse mommy was so excited as in spotted many “kawaii” products in packaging and practical to use in our daily life.

TOKUYA bring out the best of Japan has to offer in the store, they have over 20,000 Japanese products in the store ranged from personal care, stationary, kitchenware, plastic ware, children toys, glass and ceramic ware, cosmetics, gardening, hardware, cleaning tools and detergents.

The price range of the products was from RM5.80 to RM8.80 for personal care to household products. Some exclusive premium products ranges from RM50 to RM100.

Recently, mouse mommy and MR love to make our bento set while at home. MR was spotted the “bear shape” and “flower shape” mold bento making set and promise wants to make a flower bento for mouse mommy. Thanks in advance MR! 

Mouse mommy do spring cleaning now and found that some area was restricted and unreachable while cleaning in progress. Just at the right time, there are many brushes available at TOKUYA with different design and angulation that allows me to do my cleaning easily. 

I want to trim my mulberry trees too and found the right tool of scissor here to ease my energy and work! So happy to found it! More photos can click here to view. 

OMG! There are varieties of children’s toys and games at TOKUYA. MR was really exciting to choose his toys. Hmmm… mouse mommy was limited MR to choose 3 toys for himself and 3 toys for little brother baby MH. Choose your toys wisely ya boy. 

Mouse mommy and MR have a great time and shopping moments at TOKUYA. Ops! MR was request to shop again next round for another 3 toys… my little cheeky boy!

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