Money Saving Tips For Mummies In Parenting!

Mouse mommy was found an interesting place to shop for preloved mom and baby necessary items at One City USJ called Jalan Jalan Japan. The store was huge with two levels. Mouse mommy not only able to find the mom and baby preloved products, I can get baby car seats, household, clothes, toys, shoes, bags, kitchenware, hobbies, sports, stationery and music instruments as well.   

As a mom, mouse mommy always think on baby safety first. Baby car seat is very important to safeguard our babies and keep them on seated while mommy driving. A baby car seat with safety features will cost range about RM 500 to RM1,500 which is quite expensive and not every family afford to buy one for their baby. Mouse mommy found a decent preloved combi baby car seat that can get in Jalan Jalan Japan for RM80. Great deal! If mommy’s baby car seat padding or cushion was torn and unusable, no worries, you can get it here with range about RM 5 to RM 15 with multiple designs of paddings.   

Babywearing is also important for mouse mommy to bring along baby MH when we go for shopping. I bought a ring sling baby wearing with RM 180 when I give birth to MR 6 years ago which it very useful and convenient, but quite cozy. Mouse mommy found many types of Japan preloved baby carriers such as ring sling and soft structured that cost about RM 10 – RM 15. Practical tool for mommy!

Potty train also can found here with multiple designs that mommies want. Baby MH was attracted by a Fisher Price yellow colour potty that comes with alphabets and numbers which cost RM50. 

Preloved Bright Star baby play mat cost about RM10 with attractive colours and multiple activities for babies.  

Music instruments such as guitar, flute, drum and digital pianos available too with cost range about RM10 - RM200. The flute was useful for primary school students.

Many children toys and games available too. MR was spotted a basket ball cost RM 6 and two sets of blue and green buses with RM 3 for each sets of 2 units buses. Really a Japan preloved toys paradises for kids.   

MR and baby MH were happily have fun with the interactive toys too. The Japanese toys also come with the features of hand eyes coordination, sensory cultivation and encourage motor movement which is good for baby and toddlers to explore, experiment and experience themselves. The price range from RM 10 to RM 50.

MR was found a play gym and his loves it so much! The play gym which cost RM15 was allow kids to climb with encourage motor movement training. MR and baby MH were enjoying their new toys!

Hmmm… then we decided to bought them a mini indoor playland which allow MR and baby MH to climb, slide and swing at home. Try to make a guess how much it cost? A brand new set of Anpanman indoor playland cost about 14,999 Yen in Japan, convert to Ringgit Malaysia about RM570 to RM650. Mouse mommy was bought it with RM120 at Jalan Jalan Japan. Worthy! As in kids grow up very fast and we can save money while buying preloved kids items, go green for greener world too! More photos can click here to view

We cannot read the Japanese words on the mini toddler indoor playland, but the simple and convenient design and structure of the indoor playland was easy to build up eventhough just visually see the image via indoor playland box set. Mouse papa was team up with MR and baby MH to build up their playland. It is a compact and solid indoor playland that support children weight till 25kg. 

Mouse mommy was happy with this fruitful trip to Jalan Jalan Japan as in able to bring home a quality and nice Japan preloved mini indoor playland for kids with worthy price. Hope that MR and baby MH can have a sweet playtime together! At the same time, cultivate their go green recycle culture for a greener world as we practice in our family! Can click here to view video. 

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