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A Children Friendly Wawaland Cafe, IOI Boulevard Puchong That Perfect For Family Gathering!

Mouse mommy was searching for a children friendly café that allow our family to have a pleasant family time together especially during mealtime at outside. There are many children friendly restaurant and café available in Damansara region, but, hard to find out a clean and relax restaurant or café in Puchong area.

Mouse mommy was explore around and found this sweet and warm homely feeling of Wawaland Café that located at IOI Boulevard Puchong area. An ideal place that suitable for young family with kids and couples. Once mouse mommy step in to the café, I was attracted by the cute Wawaland cartoon characters that perfect for photography shooting! So lovely!

The Wawaland Café was having three seating designs which is normal square table seating that available indoor and outdoor and as well as cubicle seats with comfortable cute colourful cartoon cushions available for chill out and family discussion area. Such a thoughtful design of Wawaland! Not forget to mention that Wawaland got children play area with toys and soft floor mat provided that suitable for children to have fun while mommy and daddy having meal together! Mouse mommy was happy to see MR and baby MH having fun with friends at the safe and clean children play area.

Other than the happy and warm feeling of the environment, mouse mommy and family members love the meal sets and drinks available in Wawaland IOI Boulevard Puchong too!

We had ordered main course of Jam’s Signature PuddingFrench Toast, Wawa’s Sizzling Pancake, Carbonara Style Spaghetti with Ham, Tuna waffle set and Fresh Mango Condensed Milk Waffle. The Jam’s Signature Pudding French Toast was a complete nutrition plate that contains of egg and milk dip of soft thick toasts, sausages, ham, omelet, french fries and salad. Baby MH loves the milky taste and soft texture of the toast and able to finished one piece of it on his own!
The Jam's Signature Pudding French Toast
Wawa’s sizzling pancake was looks colourful and attractive when the waiter served. Mouse mommy was just take the macaron and pop into mouth and starts to eat the sugar-coated toast with ice cream and fruits. Yum…yum… the base of the sizzling also filled with cinnamon apple. Feeling sweet and love with this multiple taste and texture of dessert!
Wawa's sizzling pancake
Carbonara style spaghetti with ham was cooked in right temperature with the cheesy taste was just nice to eat, not too creamy yet not too liquid.  
Carbonara style spaghetti with ham
Tuna waffle set was a fusion of tuna with waffle. A Malaysian style of Tuna Waffle. Can you imagine what’s the taste of it? Surprisingly it Match! Generous portion of Tuna spread over the 100% pure milk making of waffle without any additional of water was taste nice and feeling full after eating. Hmm… can be one of my healthy “fast” lunch order if I am in hurry.

Tuna Waffle
For mango lover must order this Fresh Mango CondensedMilk Waffle, mouse mommy loves the fresh mango and vanilla ice cream that consume together with waffle. Can be a main course and dessert too !

Fresh Mango Condensed Milk Waffle
The beverages that we had ordered were Starry Nightfall, Matcha Au Lait, Belgium Chocolate with Marshmallow and Avocado Fruit Shake.  

Wawaland Café always offers new menu and drinks for Malaysian. Mouse mommy loves to try and explore new stuffs! Starry Nightfall was one of the signature creations of them that made of milk tea and butterfly-pea flowers “bunga nasi kerabu/ bunga telang”. Mouse mommy was a bit curious of how it should be taste like? Haha… surprisingly after the fusion of milk tea and natural butterfly-pea flowers, it taste like our local cincau drink. Mouse mommy loves the refreshing taste of Starry Nightfall.
Starry Nightfall

Matcha Au Lait
Matcha Au Lait was a mixture of milk tea and Matcha, a taste of Japan for Matcha lover. Belgium Chocolate with Marshmallow was just a nice drink that suitable for kids and MR love the chocolate taste of it with colourful marshmallow. Drinks and sweets in one go!

Belgium Chocolate with Marshmallow
Avocado has been known as rich in nutritious power fruit and seldom able to get a pure 100% avocado drink outside, unless we blend it ourselves at home. Wawaland café IOI Boulevard Puchong do provides Avocadofruit drinks in their menu that made of Avocado fruit, vanilla ice cream and milk. A refreshing and energy power drinks for breastfeeding mouse mommy! Love it!

100% Avocado drinks
A nice, clean and homely feel of Wawaland Café IOIBoulevard Puchong with creative and delicious food and beverages menu options definitely win mouse mommy’s heart. The main ingredients was direct imported from Taiwan included waffle powder, tea bags, Matcha, and maple syrup. Wawaland Cafe also freshly daily make for fresh cream, milk foam, red bean and kaya. No artificial colouring in the food and beverages. An great option for young family outing spot in Puchong!

Mouse mommy and baby MH enjoying our drinks!
In conjunction of the Parents Day Celebration in the month of May and June 2017, Wawaland café IOI Boulevard Puchong offers special promotion for all. Others than that, Wawaland café IOI Boulevard Puchong also collaborate with MyLove Studio to offers a Lovely Parents and Kids Bonding Workshop to celebrate this special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Celebration! Mouse mommy want to join with MR and baby MH too! 

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