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OPPO R9s Black Edition | Exciting Stylish Together With Anugerah Stail EH!

OPPO R9s Black Edition, the sleek new phone made a style statement at the Anugerah Stail Eh! 2017. With OPPO Malaysia being the official sponsor of the style award, the overall theme of the event was ‘black’, to match the launch of the OPPO R9s Black Edition.

The Black Edition comes at the back of the highly successful OPPO R9s which was launched earlier in the year. This new addition is in line with OPPO’s commitment to provide Malaysian consumers with devices that are functional, yet stylish. The camera phone experts also announced local star and famous fashionista Neelofa as the official endorser of the sleek new device.

The Black Edition maintains OPPO R9s’ DualPDAF and extra-wide f/1.7 aperture feature that captures 40% more light than previous generations, together with powerful 16MP front and rear cameras, making it an extremely formidable device for both fashion and tech enthusiasts.

At the Stail EH! 2017 event, the OPPO R9s Black Edition was brought on stage by Ayda Jebat, part of the OPPO R9s celebrity squad. She proceeded to take selfies with the host Hunnymadu who agreed that the color black was impactful due to its versatility and ability to stay stylish and on trend.

Echoing what Neelofa had said earlier in the day, Ayda stated, “Black has always been the color of choice for most people as it can elevate their style to a whole new level. I like to make sure that my clothes and accessories are always on point and with the OPPO R9s Black Edition, I know that it will give me that classy and sassy look that I like. Even better, the rear camera also captures all the beautiful moments in my life.”

Trends come and go every season, but the color black has always remained timeless and stylish. Be it sleek, chic, sexy or classy, black always works because it is versatile. With the latest mysterious yet enchanting Black Edition, users are now able to easily pair the OPPO R9s with any outfit, making it an extremely nifty device. With a matte black chassis, the silver OPPO logo inlay on the back is the epitome of beauty. Coupled with the appearance of black six-string antenna fine lines running across the device’s sleek back, the Black edition is truly a sight to behold.

The OPPO R9s Black Edition is a sure way for Malaysian to stay stylish at all times, while capturing crisp and clear photos with its impressive 16MP IMX398 rear camera from SONY. Its 3,010 mAh battery, coupled with OPPO’s industry-leading VOOC Flash Charge technology, ensures users can maximize the full potential of the device without any interruptions in their daily life.

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