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Lovely Easter Day Bonding Moments with Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel !

Lovely Bonding Moments ! 
We are having fun day out in Dorsett Grand Subang. This is the first time mouse mommy joining Easter Day Celebration with MR in Dorsett Grand Subang. We had been welcomed with a delicious Easter Brunch Buffet at Terazza Brasserie with an outdoor garden and swimming pool. There are many dishes available at the brunch buffet from appetizers to desserts. Mouse mommy was fancy the Brulee cream desserts and had eaten for five cups of it. The taste was yummy! MR's favourite ice cream was available too with five flavors to choose from. MR choose the chocolate flavor and topping with chocolate chips. He loves it so much! After we had our brunch, we are ready to join and explore the activities together!  

Happy Easter 2017!
Multiple choice of Appretizers
Seafood corner
There are many exciting activities that we are joining together... Wow! full schedule of the day from Egg hunt. Hmm... parents and kids walking around the garden to find the hidden colourful eggs, some hidden behind the trees, some at the rock path way and so on. A great activity to train the kids' eyes and hands coordination and problem solving skills. 

Egg Hunt - Both parents and kids were looking for "hidden eggs" ! 
Wow! many Easter eggs collected by the kids!
I won it !
After the egg hunts, the organiser has prepare a grand prize of Faber-Castell 48 colour pencils for the kid that collected the most Easter eggs. The second activity was biscuit decoration. Mouse mommy loves this activity so much. The in-house friendly Chef was happily to share with us the ingredients that available such as dark chocolate dip, white chocolate dip, chocolate rice, colourful chocolate chips and multiple colour of edible creams for the biscuit decoration purpose. Each of the kids was provided 2 pieces of macadamia biscuits and a box to take home the creation of their own creation. So thoughtful of Dorsett Grand Subang! Thumbs up! 

Chef was showing us the decoration method to decorate our own personalize macadamia biscuits !
MR was exciting to start decorating his own macadamia biscuit once the Chef has done the demonstration session. He said that there are two biscuits there that one represent mouse mommy and the other one represent MR. So sweet of my little darling! MR choose his favourite green and orange colour of edible pastry cream and start to decorate the biscuit on his own without mouse mommy help out. 

MR was drawing the Sun by using orange colour edible pastry cream.
MR was sprinkle some chocolate chips to decorate his creation. 
After decorating the two biscuits, MR was starting to draw sun, clouds and grasses to create a sunny day picture by using the edible pastry cream and of course finished his "drawing" by the chocolate chips that he loves! Oh ya, MR wants to attach with mommy too and he put both of the macadamia biscuits "hold hands" together-gather... my lovely naughty boy. Mouse mommy was happy that the biscuits decoration activity able to encourage kid's creativity and imaginative mindset. Awesome activity and mouse mommy was happy with the helpful and friendliness staffs!

Mommy and Me ! 
Last but not least, bubbles making bring laugh and happiness to all especially the kids! All the kids were making their own bubbles and chasing the bubbles to pop it. Mouse mommy feeling great too and snapping many many happy moment photos for the kids. 

Bubbles Fun !
A day that full of activities with kids, a great bonding moments that will keep in our memories- our special moments! Haha... not the end of story yet, both of us was "collapsed" once reached home. A sweet dream till tomorrow......

Shhh... mouse mommy was looking forward Dorsett Grand Subang Mother's Day Celebration in the month of May too. Thank you and appreciate mummy that loving and taking care of us so much!

Dorsett Grand Subang has WOW Mother's Day celebration with Mother’s Day Lucky Draw with attractive prizes of 2D1N stay at Deluxe Room, BBQ buffet for 2 at Terazza Brasserie and Dim sum brunch buffet for 2 at Emperor Restaurant to be won.

Others than that, let’s have some Mummy & Me Time activities by guessing the personalize juice making by the Daddy or Child. Of course, Mom needs to participate too. Mom will be blind folded and the other team member (can be child/hubby) will blend some items for mom to taste. Mom needs to make a guess what is blended. The one with the correct answer will win. 

Besides that, there will be a lovely flower crafting competition too. Let’s supports go green! The family with mummy will make flowers from recycled materials such as old magazines, newspaper and so on. The most creative top three will win a prize.    

Seems like many exciting activities await us! Do check out their website to get to know more. Happy Mother's Day to all mummies! 

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