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"Buka Puasa Bersama-sama" With Seindah Ramadhan At Carousel International Coffeehouse, Palace of The Golden Horses !

Chef Rafidon, Chef Saifullizam, Chef Tarmizi and Chef Hansraja were Welcome all to enjoy family and friends gathering moments with them! Lovely !
In this holy month of Ramadhan, Carousel International Coffeehouse has design a special Ramadhan buffet menu for us by the Chef Rafidon, Chef Saifullizam, Chef Tarmizi and Chef Hansraja. A Ramadhan buffet that not to be missed! Embrace this Ramadhan month with friends and family at Carousel International Coffeehouse while we enjoy a myriad of palatable dishes. Lovely!

The wide array of buffet spread with the theme of ‘Seindah Ramadhan’ kick starts from 22 May 2017 (Monday) till 24 June 2017 (Saturday).  From appetisers to savouries, tropical fruits to desserts, patrons can indulge in more than 150 delectable dishes. Besides the delectable break-fast favourites such as Gulai Kawah and Sup Gearbox, the main highlight of ‘Seindah Ramadhan’ buffet is the mouth-watering Camel offering and Pit-roasted Whole Lamb. Wow! multiple selection of main dishes and desserts. Mouse mommy loves the Rendang Camel and durians... yum... yum...
Gulai Kawah looks tempting ! 
‘Seindah Ramadhan’ buffet line features 7 action stalls with additional 5 food stations; with a mixture of Middle Eastern Arabic cuisine and famous selection of Asian. Guests can expect to tuck into more than 150 Iftar favourites specially created for this meaningful month. Normally mouse mommy and friends will take this opportunity to gather together in this holy Ramadhan month to "buka puasa bersama-sama"!  

Fresh green ulam-ulam kampung style - pegaga, kacang botol, ulam raja, petai, timun and tomatoes! 
For starters, numerous selections of appetiser and salads on the buffet line that will stimulate your appetite including Ayam Dara Goreng Berkunyit, Paru Goreng Berlada, Kerabu Lidah Lembu, Kerabu Udang Celon, Acar Betik Muda, Udang Goreng Berempah, Ulam-ulam Melayu, Acar Rampai and Acar Buah.

Bubur lambuk with condiments.
Roasted Camel Meat with Condiments was the highlight of the Ramadhan menu. The aromatic spices with the juicy and tender camel meat will definitely tantalise my taste buds. Mouse mommy was craving with the delectable home-cooked meal such as Pit-roasted Whole Lamb, Daging Bakar, Beef Skewers, Stir-fried Homemade Radish Cake, Lamb Varuval, Laksa Johor and Penang Prawn Mee, Lychee Goreng and Cendol.

Rendang Daging Unta - special dishes - highlight of the Ramadhan buffet "Seindah Ramadhan"!
The King of Fruit, Durian will make a come-back again this year’s Ramadhan, along with selection of tropical fresh fruits, Mangosteen, Rambutan and Langsat. Other than that, special assorted deep-fried seasoned fruits stall which include Lychee Goreng, Nenas Goreng, Rambutan Goreng and Cempedak Goreng also included. Feast of tropical fruits! Thumbs up!

King of the fruit - Durians awaits for us!
Desserts lovers will also be served with a wide array of sweet and savoury dessert from Bread and Butter Pudding, Pengat Pisang Bersago, Chilled mixed fruits Cocktail, Serawa Durian, Chilled Longan, Lily Bulbs with Almond Beancurd and home-made Raya cookies. Mouse mommy likes the taste of pengat pisang bersago and serawa durian.   
Come ... come... to look for me - Durians!
Palace of the Golden Horses is offering better price packages to attract more diners to enjoy this festivity by providing many choice of the food and beverages that suitable for all taste buds! So thoughful of the Chef!  The Ramadhan promotion is priced at RM 78 nett for children and senior citizen for the whole month.  While for adult, the price is RM 108 nett per person for first and fourth-week of Ramadhan (from May 22-June 4 & June 19 until June 24) and RM 128 nett per person for second and third-week of Ramadhan (from June 5-June 11 & June 12-June 18, 2017). For corporate Iftar, companies can choose to have their Iftar in the spacious Royal Ballroom that can cater up to 800 pax priced at RM98 per pax.

Whether it is a Corporate Iftar gathering, or break-fast with family and friends, it is a wonderful opportunity to sample the mixed of the traditional and home-cooked flavours of the Middle Eastern Arabic and Asian cuisines all under one roof. With musical performance as entertainment, diners can get the opportunity to see the performance of traditional and ghazal while enjoying the spreads.

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